Quality Leaflet Distribution Control

Deliveries are guaranteed by British Post Leaflet Distribution. We Guarantee that 100% of your leaflets are delivered the way you want.
We use full time professional and reliable Adult distributors who are employees so you can have confidence in the distribution of your expensive advertising material.
British Post respects the rights and privacies of residents. Any letterbox displaying a “NO JUNK MAIL” sign on our leaflet distribution round, will not be delivered to.
Hourly and daily audits are done to ensure your leaflet distribution advertising material is delivered on time and to the right areas.
We do not deliver leaflets or distribute in extreme weather conditions. This means that your leaflets do not get wet and unusable.
Our Leaflet Distributors are GPS tracked using the latest technology while on a distribution round to ensure your material arrives safely without dishonesty
While your leaflets are waiting for distribution they are stored on our premises in a safe and dry environment.
Our employees receive ongoing leaflet delivery training on how to correctly deliver your marketing material. This training is reviewed regularly and is constantly being improved to better the quality of our leaflet distribution service.