Lancashire leaflet distribution: Why BritishPost Excels

Lancashire leaflet distribution: Why BritishPost Excels

Leaflet distribution remains a potent marketing strategy, especially in a diverse and vibrant region like Lancashire. In this article, we explore why BritishPost excels in Lancashire leaflet distribution, covering the postcode sectors that encompass Lancashire, the benefits of leaflet distribution in the county, and some intriguing facts about this historic region.

Understanding Lancashire and Its Postcode Sectors

Lancashire, located in the North West of England, is a county with rich history and a diverse population. The area is well-defined by its postcode sectors, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • BB: Covering Blackburn, Burnley, and parts of Pendle.
  • PR: Encompassing Preston, Chorley, and South Ribble.
  • FY: Covering the Fylde Coast, including Blackpool, Fleetwood, and Lytham St Annes.
  • LA: Covering Lancaster, Morecambe, and parts of South Cumbria.
  • OL: Covering parts of Oldham and the Rossendale Valley.
  • WN: Encompassing Wigan and parts of West Lancashire.

These postcode sectors represent a broad and varied demographic, making it crucial to tailor leaflet distribution effectively to each area.

Benefits of Leaflet Distribution in Lancashire

Targeted Marketing

Lancashire’s diverse postcode sectors allow for highly targeted leaflet distribution campaigns. Companies like BritishPost utilize demographic data to ensure that leaflets reach the most relevant audiences. This precision helps maximize the return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

Tangible and Engaging

Leaflets provide a tangible form of marketing that can engage potential customers in a way that digital advertisements often cannot. A well-designed leaflet can capture attention with its physical presence, making it more memorable.

High Readership Rates

Studies have shown that leaflets have high readership rates. In areas like Lancashire, where community spirit and local news are highly valued, residents are more likely to read through distributed leaflets, especially when they are well-designed and relevant to their interests.


Leaflet distribution is a cost-effective marketing strategy. BritishPost offers competitive rates and efficient distribution methods, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can afford to reach their target audiences without breaking the bank.

Why BritishPost Excels in Lancashire Leaflet Distribution

Expertise and Local Knowledge

BritishPost stands out due to its deep understanding of Lancashire’s local market. Their expertise in navigating the various postcode sectors ensures that each leaflet distribution campaign is optimized for success. The company’s familiarity with local preferences and behaviors allows them to craft compelling messages that resonate with residents.

Advanced Distribution Techniques

BritishPost employs advanced distribution techniques, including GPS tracking and real-time reporting, to ensure that leaflets are delivered accurately and efficiently. This technology-driven approach guarantees that businesses can track the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Service

From design to delivery, BritishPost offers a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of leaflet distribution. Their team of professionals assists businesses in creating eye-catching designs, printing high-quality leaflets, and executing precise distribution strategies.

Proven Track Record

BritishPost has a proven track record of successful leaflet distribution campaigns in Lancashire. Their portfolio includes numerous satisfied clients who have achieved significant business growth and customer engagement through their services.

Interesting Facts About Lancashire

  • Historical Significance: Lancashire played a crucial role during the Industrial Revolution, becoming a center for textile manufacturing and innovation.
  • Natural Beauty: The county boasts stunning natural landscapes, including the Forest of Bowland, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Cultural Heritage: Lancashire is home to several historic landmarks, including Lancaster Castle and the Blackpool Tower.
  • Vibrant Events: The county hosts numerous annual events, such as the Preston Guild and the Blackpool Illuminations, attracting visitors from across the country.


Lancashire leaflet distribution is an effective way to reach a diverse and engaged audience. BritishPost excels in this arena due to its expertise, advanced techniques, comprehensive service, and proven success. For businesses looking to maximize their marketing impact in Lancashire, partnering with BritishPost is a strategic choice.