Success Factor of Leaflet Distribution!


Success Factor of Leaflet Distribution!

Success Factor of Leaflet Distribution!


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In today’s internet marketing era, you are lacking behind if you forgot about offline marketing. Yet online marketing is an important key factor of a business marketing mix. However, so should a well planned and executed offline marketing strategy if you want to target a local targeted audience using flyers, posters, brochures and even business cards.  This type of marketing is still up there with the best of them when it comes to targeting local customers.

Even the uniquely designed flyers, brochures and business cards won’t take out any business if they are not distributed properly. It’s an important aspect in most parts of offline marketing mix as it is how we get our leaflets, flyers, brochures and business into the hands of our potential targeted customers. Leaflet distribution can either make or break your. So what is the key to running an effective leaflet distribution campaign I hear you ask?


  1. Business To Business Leaflet Distribution– You can hire a leaflet distribution company to distribute your leaflets to other businesses by hand in hand . By this , rather than these businesses coming to you, you’d be going to them and letting them know about your business before they need it. You’ll be staying ahead of the competition and your competitors and getting your message out there before your customers need you so when they do, you’re there in front of the line If you know your target audience , plan and execute than this will your successful offline marketing strategy.
  1. Newspaper distribution – You can insert your leaflet and flyer in daily news paper and magazine and increase your success rate by distributing these leaflet home to home or in specific area. This strategy has also more successful rate but cost more.
  1. Door to door leaflet distribution – Ideally this is a leaflet distribution strategy for campaigners who are not particular on a start date and accept that delivery dates and times could vary and is dependent on the consensus of all the other advertising parties. Though we aim to commence all shared campaigns within 4 weeks, due to the complexities of organising other distributors we sometimes fall short of this endeavour and are not able to offer any start date guarantees. This offers promoters low cost marketing if time is not of the essence.
  1. Leaflet holders distribution – You can place leaflets in plastic or metal leaflet holders and leave them in your shop counter or areas where they are visible to your customers. You can also get a bunch of leaflet holders with leaflets or brochures in them and place them in counters of local shops or establishments where your customers are likely to be. Concentrate on areas where customers are likely to wait for a service such as the Post Office or waiting rooms in dental practices. This can be a very effective cross promotion technique with other local organisations.
  1. Hand to hand leaflet distribution – This distribution approach can be most effective at events or designated public areas within a chosen geography. Unlike leaflet Distribution. This type of distribution marketing requires permission from the local authority in certain areas within London. British Post Distribution have many years experience in delivering hand to hand distribution campaigns and are familiar with the process of applying for permission from the council (if applicable). When conducting Hand to Hand distribution campaigns we offer our client the flexibility of wearing promotional garments. This could include however not limited to T-shirts, vests, caps, placards etc. Whatever your Hand to Hand distribution requirement, contact us today for a free consultation.

Do you need help with planning and delivering a successful leaflet distribution campaign? Call us today on 02031376227 to find out how we can help you create a leaflet distribution campaign that can potentially get you 3 times more responses than other leaflet distribution companies. You can also email us info@localhost

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