Hand to Hand Distribution?

Hand to Hand Distribution?

What is Hand to Hand Distribution/Street Team Distribution ?

How is hand to hand distribution performed? How is the street team form of distribution structured to work? Is it effective in terms of goods and services promotion and marketing? These are some of the questions that shall be answered in this article.


It is one of the most effective forms of distribution that you can use to distribute your flyers. It is organized such that the marketing manager organizes how you are going to target your audience. It is the fastest form of posters and leaflet papers distribution. sometimes hand to hand distribution referred to as the street team promotion due to the fact that its intention is to promote the goods and services that you are intending to purchase. It is planned with the effective strategies that ensure your leaflets have reached the people and areas that you want to market. The distributors are also very dedicated and ready to perform the task that it is done regularly and to the best.


Hand to hand distribution also provides offers to the products of distribution if your distribution can be long-term. You will also enjoy very special single leaflet distribution as well as a wide area of coverage. The staff have got uniforms that are branded thus they can be easily identified while they work. They are also very familiar with the area they are distributing to. Thus they perform the work to the best aiding to you achieving better results in a very short time period. This is the basis of steer team marketing.


There is the local flyer distribution; this offer distribution services in the major cities. You should also understand that the communities which are smaller are covered with other crew canvassers which are very conversant with the distribution services. vehicles, hand to hand, bulk- drops


Thus in case you are in need of distributing you will get the chance to use this form of team distribution which distributes via among other forms of distribution.  Apart from just distributing and ending it there; they provide you with important information about photos, the feedback from the consumers, notes as well as key learning which are vital to ensure that you have promoted your product and not just distributing the posters and the leaflets.


You should also get the understanding that the photos will only be captured from the will of the consumer or the buyer. Thus, if other communities object photo taking; distribution will still continue. This is despite whether there is permission for photo taking or not. The basis of the flyers can be 5000 per market. The market should not be more than ten miles in radius. Also the size of the flyers and leaflets should not be large than 8 by 11 inches. Recommendations are highly on the leaflets which are 5 by 7 inches; this give room to very cost effective distribution due to package. They should also be double sided.


The rates of hand to hand distribution will be determined by the staff. This will incorporate the skills of the staff, the equipment to be used, transport, the day and week, location of the area to be distributed, how available the staff will be, the day; that is will it be a holiday, weekend and the time of driving among other important factors that might influence the distribution. You should understand that 5000 leaflets are given to one staff for distribution. This is done in a period of time that never goes beyond 48 hours.

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